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60 photos to complete the tour. Scroll through the full size pictures, or just select those you wish to enlarge from the thumbnails below. Please enjoy your tour!
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The Guildhall

1. Guildhall

The Broadway

2. The Broadway

St Johns House

3. St Johns House

Abbey House

4. Abbey House

Statue of King Alfred

5. King Alfred

Bridge Street

6. Bridge Street

Bridge Street

7. Bridge Street

The City Mill

8. City Mill

Wolvesey Slips (The Weirs)

9. Wolvesey Slips

Water Lane

10. Water Lane

Mill Garden

11. Mill Garden

Water Lane

12. Water Lane

To Chester Rd

13. To Chester Rd

St Johnís Church

14. St John’s

St Johnís Church

15. St John’s

Tudor House

16. Tudor House

St Johns Street

17. St Johns St

'The Old Blue Boar'

18. Old Blue Boar

Blue Ball Hill

19. Blue Ball Hill

St Johns Croft

20. St Johns Croft

View up the Hill

21. Up the Hill

Follow the Path across Joyce Gardens

22. Follow the Path


23. Panorama

Magdalen Hill

24. Magdalen Hill

Cross the road

25. Cross the road

Half way up

26. Half way up

More steps

27. More steps

Nearly there

28. Nearly there

St Giles Hill

29. St Giles Hill

Follow the path

30. Follow the path

View Point from St Giles Hill

31. View Point

The View

32. The View

Choose a way

33. Choose a way

Looking down

34. Looking down

More steps

35. More steps

Turn Right here

36. Right here

Quarry Road

37. Quarry Road

Cross here

38. Cross here

Wharf Hill

39. Wharf Hill

Wharf Mill

40. Wharf Mill

The River Itchen

41. The River

The Weir

42. The Weir

Riverside Walk

43. Riverside Walk

Riverside Walk

44. Riverside Walk

Riverside Walk

45.  Riverside Walk

Scott Garden

46. Scott Garden

Part of the Roman Wall

47. Roman Wall

Scott Garden

48. Scott Garden

Scott Garden

49. Scott Garden

Colebrook Street

50. Colebrook St

Colebrook Street

51. Colebrook St

Abbey Gardens

52. Abbey Gardens

Abbey Mill

53. Abbey Mill

Abbey Stream

54. Abbey Stream

Abbey House

55. Abbey House

Follow the Left path

56. Follow left path

Abbey Passage

57. Abbey Passage

The  Nunnaminster

58. Nunnaminster

The Guildhall

59. Guildhall

The High Street

60. The High St

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